sabato 9 novembre 2013

A good question: why do I write?

Sometimes they ask me the reasons for that I began to write. This is not a way to make me change my favorite job: they seem very interesting in!

I try to tell something about: attending the school, I liked very much italian literature (my favorite authors are Alessandro Manzoni and Ugo Foscolo) but anglo-saxon best-sellers! I had to study the first one, so I mediated reading italian comic-book authors who wrote american stories. They showed my same romantic feeling in their characters in New York City or in Texas, no matter that their creator lived in Venezia or near Milano.
So, I grew up with Hermann MelvilleJohn Grisham and Frederick Forsyth, but Tex Willer, Za-Gor-Te-Nay and, the best, Ken Parker, too!
My dear Ken walked in the whole american history, with Dakotas and Inuits; he met president Ulysses Grant, Moby Dick and worked for Pinkerton, always against villains and injustice: but his parents were born and live in Genova!
So, why couldn't I create a my-own loved character?
I have a lot of things to say about injustice and bad people, and I am touched when I can write about this: this is my particular kind of freedom.
My dear Franco Maggio is an italian "maresciallo" (something like an inspector), he works in Rimini but he doesn't like injustice, and he tries to solves cases always leaded by his conscience
What else? In Italy, the most part of crime-characters are prosecutors, lawiers or policemen in every grade: it' difficult to find an ordinary... maresciallo!
And sorry for my italian-english!

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