lunedì 11 novembre 2013

Americans, what a big way for the Cold War!

It isn't surprising the ability of the authors of fiction from overseas to create up-to-date, always more attractive serials, because what happens in television productions is the mirror of what animates the society: research, will to bet, and openness to new ideas, no matter where they come from.

And so the first episode of "Americans" is beyond my expectation.
I knew the setting and the plot. Shamefully I did not expect a product of such a high level. There are spies infiltrated into the enemy's country during the Cold War, President Ronald Reagan is (we are at the end, but the battle is still alive), but these spies are Soviets and a happy couple with two children, a typical middle-class American family with house, garden and flag stars and stripes , and they live in Washington. That's curious, isn't it? The typical role-play is amplified over the limit : the patriotic, smart and witty, we would say just "Americans", are the two sleepers; the others, with the traits of the "bad guys" are the real Americans. Very good against good? More or less. The real baddies are in the background and they are like this for their personal qualities. And the antagonist (or character?...), well, it's just a nice guy: he speaks a little bit but he understands (almost) everything.
The soundtrack is worthy to the '80s, and you can tell right from the unremitting prologue.
I think the series is destined to repeat the success of "Homeland" or going better!

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