martedì 26 novembre 2013

Happy Birthday, "Doppio Omicidio"!

I'll try to explain it in my Italian-English.
Exactly one year after its debut, "Doppio Omicidio per il Maresciallo Maggio" exceeded 700 digital copies sold (with a boom in August), most of them downloaded in Italy.

Some copies were given to friends, reviewers and publishers, some were purchased by people I never expected to buy my book.It is nice to know that more than 700 strangers who were looking for something to read in Amazon chose my book, attracted perhaps  by my what I had to say.
Last February saw the light of my  prequel, "C'è sempre un motivo"; June gave birth to "Gioco Pericoloso". For these two I need to wait a little longer to draw some conclusions.
What can I say? This is a goal I would have set myself a year ago.  Of course, an author must aspire to bigger numbers, but as a self-publisher I am still learning. They say that the Italian ebook market is 5-6% of the traditional one, large numbers are not yet present but may be closer than we think.
Things are going slowly here but, I think, we are moving in the right direction.
We are told that it’s important to gain a reputation, to promote what we write and get readers to know the author, all winning arguments
Where will I be in a year’s time  I don't know, and nobody can tell me, but if I look back, I made ​​more progress in these twelve months than in the previous twelve years! So I am looking forward to the future and to get to know my readers. Drop me a line if you wish.

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