venerdì 15 novembre 2013

S.H.A.D.O. vs U.F.O.: save planet Earth!

I believe you can't remember this series if you don't have a little bit of white hair now, but I do.
I attend my primary school when the adventures of Captain Straker
my imagination, while the green (elementary...) aliens driving their U.F.O. (but really... I.F.O.) scared me with their murderous determination. The interceptors, satellites and Skydiver drew a map of an Earth with an highly advanced arsenal, up to any defense against the evil-aliens (sincerely, a good one did ​​a bad end).
Everything was under control in the secret base disguised as a production studio and surrounded by the green of England, once again bastion of the free world to the brink of the end.
Sure the special effects, at the time very well kept and attractive, make you smile today: models and colored lights flashing next to monitors seeming our grandmother's television. Not so the plot nor the characters, however: thanks to original editing, we can today see their human instincts of soldiers standing next to beautiful women dressed as "ante-litteram" Rockets, the 70s German music band. There are personal plots, revenges next to inevitable needing to save the world.
I didn't remember them so passionate, but I remember my emotions!

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