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Giancarlo Berardi, italian indie-genius

Talking about stories, whether they are books, movies or comics, always preferring great touching current topics such as violence and abuse of men over men and economic interests over men, being unquestionably fascinated by the great narrative force of formidable storytellers such as John Ford, Martin Scorsese and Herman Melville, and having finally discovered the potential of the expression for being independent author,
an essential characteristic to be able to bring something, if not new, certainly self; all this considered, I could not stumble in my small, personal trail of dreamer in the wizard Giancarlo Berardi is, author, among other things, of Ken Parker.

Or maybe I could, but fate brought us together anyway. I was thirteen, and that first issue of Ken Parker was a revelation. I watched for every news, there wasn't internet and each news about comics came out from... nothing! That guy on horseback looked at me, and I looked at him. We'd never left anymore. We already saw that he wasn't an ordinary cowboy, and when I finished reading the story I could not believe my eyes. He had a brother, had they killed him and fled! He didn't always win, he wasn't unbeatable, the bad guys were mixed with the good ones and maybe they were too nasty, because ruthless.
In latest stories the character evolved, fleeing from his guilt, meeting women and giving cameos to famous more famous colleagues. Today we would say cross-over, I know.
But the character was real, he was alive, and those stories left longing and desire to read again from the beginning, sometimes hoping it would take another turn. Isn'it life or imagination comes to life?

Who knows, does not forget the very alive Pat O'Shane (a century later reappeared in an episode of Julia), Senator Ely Donehogawa, the soldier on the last day of service, the redemption of the black slave Adah, the close-encounter with Moby Dick, the strike of the workers in Boston... I want to read again each one! And the expecially large covers? Masterpiece, quality gift to loyal readers. 
I like to quote this sentence, because I remind it alot of time during my wandering life: "In a large city, one lonely man is truly alone."

Giancarlo Berardi struggled to get out his characters by not giving in to the lure of money and accommodation, his whole career tells us it. He is an independent author ever since, boy, chose for the first time that he shouldered the pen to say what he had to say and to give a contribution to humanity. True to his belief, he let his child Ken go his own way, wishing him a happy return as every worthy father who expects his prodigal son. If this is not to be indie!

Today we know that a new edition came from April 2014 by Mondadori, and this same dreamer boy was there, like 37 years ago.

Read this great interview with Giancarlo Berardi

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