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Blog hop: four questions about my writing

I’ve been invited to this blog hop by my friend and fellow author Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli. She wrote several books. Here I mention Red Desert (in Italian and in English), a four-parts sci-fi novel set in Mars, and the last "Il Mentore", a crime-thriller set in foggy London.
She will strike back autumn.
She translates, she writes and a lot of other things
Have a nice work, my dear!

And now, let me answer in my expecial Italian-English!

What am I working on?

Last Saturday I finished the first draft of the last Maresciallo Maggio novel, "Affari Sporchi". This time my dear Franco will be engaged in a very big affair between bad finance and very bad politicians, plus another... incredible killer!
What happens if an ordinary man discovers his bank robbing his money... really stolen, I mean?
My Maggio always makes all he can; it often seems not enough, but it everytime is almost enough.
This time he will find the help of Sandra, a beautiful dark hair lawyer. The help, and maybe some other things...
I'm working at the translation of the first book, "Doppio Omicidio", too, in English and in French.
I'm looking for a worth translation, because I'm worried about keeping my original italian way in the telling.
I usually work on these projects when I... don't work and I don't care about my family but... I like it!
At the end, I find all the time I need.

How does my work differ from others in my genre?

I liked a conscientious character, reflective before making any decision and critical with every trouble he faces. I say he is witness of the story more than he is character.
In italian fiction, both crime novels and tv series, you find a large group of characters like lawyers, prosecutors and the whole range of policemen.
The typical italian "maresciallo" is a usual, reassuring role for families. I think that producers made him this role, and don't mind about proposing him in a different way: for "adult" crime they prefer other characters. So people think he has lower appeal than the others. 
On the contrary, I think there is a large space. First, he is a unique role, almost like an american sheriff. He often is the only authority in the smallest villages, he knows everyone and he learned the hard skill to manage everything by a few means.
Really italian way!

Why do I write what I do?

Writing is may peculiar way to freedom. I can spread my feelings and I am the first one who is touched by my stories. Maybe this is not the perfect way to the professional writing: I dont' know, but it is! 
I try to reach readers with my same feelings and to give them my same emotions.
I hope they will be touched as well as me, or more!
Writing is a way to draw my world, or the world I imagine. I often hope my characters will find their way easierly (?) than in the real life.
Sometimes I succeed in making things going well but other times there is a lot difficult in fiction too! 
Hemingway said to kill our dears. It may look cruel but I think this is a good way to build a worth story.

How does my writing process work?

Usually all begins with an idea like an headline. I focus something like "What happens if a beautiful blonde girl seems guilty but she isn't?" or "What happens if someone kill a cheating director for his cheats, the first time he doesn't make cheats?" Then I think about a girl murdered, or a bad director killed: what, where, when, why and, at end, who (about in this order).
I begin to write and I ask myself what is happening in front of me, trying to find the right answer. My character acts for me, he does what I want him to do but... not everytime. Suddenly, it can happen that he turns right when I wanted him to go left or stay home!
That is a magic way to find new and unexpected developments.
I often have good ideas looking at reality: what happens is always more than what we can think, that's really true.
There are some rules for writers, expecially the beginning, the middle and the end.
I don't say I don't believe it, because in every good story you find this three parts.
But first, I try to tell something I like, without worrying about too much rules.
At the end, I realize if the story works or doesn't, and I try to correct mistakes, misprints and lacks.
I can do it with the first two, but it becomes hard with the third. It could say that I have to throw it into the waste paper!
I try to write everyday for same time, but it's often impossible, among work, sons, daughters and... wife.
"Luckily" I'm ill, and I can't run!

So, these are my answers. Now it’s time to tag the other authors who will continue this blog hop on their blogs.
Here they are.


Richard is a science fiction author, an architect and an IT specialist.
His debut novel, “Amantarra”, .
Just have a look to the picture gallery with which he made his literary universe visible to understand what it is about and how much accuracy he has put on it to make our eyes open as well as our mind.

Giovanni is a prolific indie author of a lot of novels. His first novel, "Le parole confondono",  is the story of the growth of a boy, than a man, looking for his place in the world.

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